Cities & Chambers of Commerce

Cities & Chambers of Commerce

Cities and Chambers of Commerce

Cities and Chambers of Commerce are challenged with attracting and retaining businesses and workers as part of larger economic development goals. You need to empower homegrown talent to discover and connect with opportunities locally to help your region thrive.

We get it, and we can help.

A modern and mobile-friendly job board for your region that connects local talent with local employers, and serves as a digital ambassador for living, working, and doing business in your town.

Your Careerleaf Fit

Careerleaf Community is a comprehensive portal to host job content from your partners. Our solution lets you facilitate job placements and build relationships in your community.

✓ Feature your partners on job search pages and branded employer pages.

✓ Bring all your partner jobs into your board with automated custom job feeds.

✓ Create custom products, pricing and promotions that meet your needs.