Why Recruiters Should Consider Adding a Job Board

We’ve talked about the sometimes blurred lines that distinguish between job boards, aggregators, and recruitment companies, as well as how their technology and business needs match up or overlap.

The traditional idea of a job board is morphing, changing, and growing to adapt to new employment trends and recruiting needs, so the idea of extending one’s job board services into the realm of recruiting isn’t a stretch.

But what about recruitment companies? Staffing agencies and contingency recruiting companies can benefit from consolidating how they advertise jobs and collect candidate information. Let’s take a look at the top three benefits of in-house job listing and candidate profiles.

Job Advertising Efficiency:

As a recruiter, you need to reach candidates where they are and bring them into the fold. With a job board that takes advantage of outbound feeds and sets up distribution relationships with other niche boards, aggregators, and recruiting networks, a recruiter can be done-in-one as far as their advertising needs go. 

With an in-house job board on the recruitment company’s website, you have control over what jobs get posted where. The so-called “spray and pray” method might get views on your jobs you want, but targeted distribution can yield the appropriate qualified candidates you need.

Candidate Data Collection:

Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, videos, and links to online projects and portfolios can all be important to knowing your candidates. Gathering everything you need on a candidate, recording notes, and tracking recruiter interaction with a candidate can all add up to a lot of bits and pieces of information. And it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks, get lost, and wind up with missing data or mistakes. No record of your candidates social media profiles in your ATS? Must be in that excel spreadsheet you had saved, somewhere, on your computer.

Being able to consolidate all your candidate data in a way that serves your purposes – reviewing your candidates, adding notes, jobs they’ve applied to or been considered for, communication between recruiters – and keeping it all in one place? That can save you a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

Data Ownership:

This one’s a biggie. Your candidates are your business. You spend time, money, and effort trying to reach the right people and work with them to place them with your clients. If they’re uploading their resumes or building their profiles on other websites and networks, it increases your risk of competition for those candidates.

Furthermore, you want to know that the data you already have is secure, and not at risk for data bleeds. A data bleed is where your data and your competitors’ data are stored in the same system and leak into each other’s accounts. Your own job board where you know where and how your candidate data is stored and secured is the kind of peace of mind and security for your business that can give you an edge over your competition.