‘Women in Leadership’ features Afifa – Careerleaf’s CEO and Lead Chocolatier

It’s no secret – when it comes to the CEO position, women are grossly underrepresented in the Canadian workplace. If this list of Canada’s top 100 earning CEOs serves as an appropriate sample, women only represent 3% of these business leaders. Just three percent! The rest of the workplace is 47% female.

It’s a contrast for those of us at Careerleaf, where we’re led by our CEO Afifa Siddiqui. As it turns out, we also came upon the opportunity to feature her for Women in Leadership, a national charity that aims to inspire Canadian women to fulfill their potential by assembling communities, providing mentoring, and organizing networking events.

Curiously, WIL was more interested in telling Afifa’s story as an entrepreneur, rather than her role as our office’s primary merchant of chocolate. Even so, we jumped at the chance, and the feature has just gone live. Check it out here!

The article covers:

  • some of her other entrepreneurial efforts (even as a teenager)
  • her approach to handling gender, age, and racial bias throughout her career
  • the relationship between Careerleaf’s working culture and software features
  • her most rewarding professional experiences

Of course, we’re thrilled to see Afifa being featured, and we hope our blog readers love the article as much as we do.