How Niche Job Boards Solve Big Problems

Niche job boards can solve a lot of problems for recruiters, and there are many different types of recruiters. Most of them have to really hustle and work hard to do their jobs, and while new technologies are opening up all kinds of doors and possibilities for the future, it can be overwhelming. Some people who need to hire employees aren’t recruiters at all – they’re primarily business owners and office managers who are also responsible for recruiting and hiring.


Hiring feels like an aberration of some kind. It’s a disruption to an employer because it means that somebody has quit, retired, or been fired. Or it means their business is growing and they need more hands on deck to get the work done or even just to keep their heads above water.


Often, it’s a big hassle that needs to be dealt with in a rush.


And yet, without the right people to fill those gaps and come on board, businesses can really struggle. Niche job boards can help solve these problems for employers and recruiters.


Simplifying Choices for Recruiters

The abundance of choices that recruiters have in front of them can be overwhelming. Employer branding? PPC? Referral programs? Social media? Job Boards?


Recruiters, companies, and HR departments who have the resources to spend on investigating, testing, and evaluating all the different tools and tactics available can find themselves spending less and less time dealing with actual people. Communicating with candidates and hiring managers, building relationships, and developing their listening and negotiation skills are all crucial for recruiters, and in theory, those are the things that are central to their jobs. But it’s easy to get caught up in the details before they even get to those points of contact.


Niche job boards can be lifesavers for recruiters who are up to their ears in PPC campaigns, social media accounts, and employer branding tools. They’ll breathe a sigh of relief if they know your job board can do a lot of the legwork for them.


By letting the job board take care of advertising and reaching candidates, a recruiter can focus on the core of their people-centric business. That is a big problem that job boards solve for recruiters.


Helping Small-Medium Businesses Grow

Not every employer is of a size or in possession of the resources to have a full-time recruiter or an HR department. It may be the owner, a sole proprietor, the Office Manager, or an Administrative Assistant onto whom the task of advertising a job opening falls.


I often read advice for recruiters and recruiting technology that assumes the only possible customer is that of a large organization with the resources and staff to devote to learning, experimenting, and developing solid recruiting, hiring, and retention strategies. But that ignores the huge number of small and mid-sized businesses that have the same need to hire great employees, but don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to devote to recruiting and hiring that larger companies may have.


Niche job boards can play a really important role in not just helping SMBs find great talent, but also in guiding them in their recruiting and hiring processes, helping them improve for the sake of their own immediate hiring outcomes as well as developing positive candidate experiences.


If You’re an All-in-One Recruitment Advertising Partner – Brag About It!

It makes sense that the strategic goal for most job boards, and especially for niche job boards, is to become a one-stop shop for recruiters and anyone responsible for recruiting and hiring.


If you provide applicant tracking tools and candidate search, you need to promote those benefits to employers and recruiters, since many default to simply receiving resumes via email. Smaller businesses using your job board to help them recruit will have an opportunity to learn and to get things done faster and more efficiently.


Talk about how you help job posts reach candidates, and get specific with how you do it with email marketing, use of social media, content marketing, search engine marketing, etc. If you know your job board regularly reaches a certain number of professionals, and how people have been hired through your site, you should brag about it. If you don’t know, do some research to confirm those numbers and brag about it. If the numbers aren’t very high yet, the thing to do is to find those stories of success and get quotes and testimonials, and then brag about it.


A job board that specializes in recruitment advertising in a niche market should not be shy about all the service and value it provides. You solve big problems that affect the lives of everyday people, and you do it all as an independent business that can hold its own in a very competitive market.
A lot of niche job boards already do all the things we recommend on this blog, but I sometimes feel like they don’t get enough credit or give themselves enough credit. So my advice to those job boards who are already doing amazingly is perhaps just this: please, shout it from the rooftops! You get results and people should know more about it.