Job Boards, Aggregators, Recruitment, and Applicant Tracking

Who are you? What do you want? What are you looking for?

No, I’m not trying to send you into an existential tailspin, I just want to understand the business problems that your technology needs to solve.

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of overlap and blurring of lines between what had previously been distinct needs, functions, and uses. Terms like “recruitment”, “applicant tracking” and “job board” are now—sometimes confusingly—used interchangeably. There’s good reason for this, however, what with all the blurring and overlapping going on. But their nuanced differences can still be very important, and can affect the core of what your organization’s business and technology needs are or may become.


So let’s first separate these out, and see where that blurring and overlapping is happening!

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Q & A With Careerleaf CEO Afifa Siddiqui

How did Careerleaf get started?

The idea we had was to help the average job seeker find their place in the world of work. At the time, I was running my company, TeamCronos, a niche recruiting firm, where we place specialized engineers at the top of their fields. While working with the top 5% of my industry, folks who didn’t necessarily need help finding work, I was also seeing most job seekers we came in contact with struggle to do a job search. The majority of the population doesn’t get much help with landing their ideal careers. And interestingly, many job seekers are doing things that are not necessarily in their best interests. I saw a problem to solve.

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How to Turn One-Time Job Applicants into Returning Users

We’re living in a world of plurality. Never before have there been so many ways to find information, entertainment, and distraction in the form of social media, videos, articles, animated gifs of cats, you name it. There is the same level of “noise” out there for the job seeker, and it affects how they search and apply for opportunities that interest them.

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