Careerleaf Launches

This month Careerleaf has launched, a consumer-facing site for job seekers that utilizes our best-in-class Candidate Tools.

These include:

  • The Tracklet™: a virtual career assistant that saves jobs from anywhere online, stores your resumes, cover letters, contact details and other relevant information for quick access when applying for jobs. It even fills out online application forms for you by auto-populating fields and letting you paste in the content it stores. You install it by simply dragging and dropping it into your browser’s bookmarks bar, where it lives, ready for whenever you need it.
  • The Job Manager: a central hub for your job search, that tracks and organizes all your saved opportunities, all in one place. Job seekers can keep track of where they are in the job search process, record and access research notes, contact info, and leave follow-up reminders for themselves.
  • Job Search: search through tons of job sites at once, and whenever you come across job posts that interest you, you can save them to your Job Manager, no matter where you find them on the web.
  • The Profile: filling out your profile organizes your experience, education, skills, and achievements, and helps you focus your job search in your target industries for better results. A complete profile helps improve your search, and lets you download your resume in a clean, professional, and machine-readable PDF, so that you never lose out on an opportunity due to format.

Watch our video to see these tools in practice, and check out ApplyBetter today to see Careerleaf’s Candidate Tools in action!